Stacey Murray "Soul Songstress" is an award-winning artist with an incredible sound of her very own. Mixing her powerful vocal  southern roots from growing up singing in the church to incorporating a mix of sensual funky jazzy voice reflections picked up from the  jazz and r&b greats of our history.  She definitely fits in and stands out among the best vocal stylist entertainers today.  Stacey has performed all over the country leaving all types of audiences standing on their feet and wanting more.

Born on the 4th of July, this firecracker of talent started singing publicly at the ripe ole age of three. Along with the vocal training Stacey received in the church, she was as well the top chorus student in her high school winning numerous talent show and literary vocal contest awards.

Stacey took these experiences and parleighed them into making her  a performing powerhouse. While attending college in Atlanta, GA she became the headliner performer for a national touring model search competition. That touring experience opened the door for numerous opportunities fronting professional bands from GEORGIA, NEW JERSEY, MICHIGAN, FLORIDA, RHODE ISLAND, MASSACHUSETES & CALIFORNIA. These shows have included club gigs, festivals, private parties and affairs, television tapings and headliner concerts all over the United States for live audiences up to 50,000+. As well as being the featured vocalist at the San Diego Museum of Art, Art and Jazz Series.

Stacey started to write music after she had the opportunity to perform with an all girls group that wrote all their own music. With their influence and encouragement behind her, she then went on to write, co-produce,  record and perform her very own original songs. Her repertoire of originals have moved crowds to elation of fun and excitement. Where everyone in the room is on their feet dancing and cheering to her sassy uptempo mix. To the emotional flipside of crowds of men and women entranced in tears of joy, love  and release mixed through sensually uplifting lyrical arrangements that seem to flow effortlessly from her passionate enchanting spirit. Stacey continues to always perform new imaginative covers of songs from many genres that have definitely earned their place in the fabric of musical history.  All while maintaining the core soul of the original recording.

 Stacey's new talents all have added more depth and demention to the her sound.   She does background vocals and writes hooks for rappers and other vocalist.  To her credit she has written and recorded vocal hooks for numerous producers, bands and rappers on independent labels. As well performed in a number of musicals and stage shows.

Stacey is the spokesmodel and designer for HANKRAJEWEL JEWELRY ART .  A unique an exotic jewelry line created with her as the muse. This line accentuates her one-of-a-kind nature and talent. It is said that when she walks in the room with one of her entertainer show pieces on from her PREMIER COLLECTION everyone in the room stops and looks. So that response has coined her jewelry the nicknameROOMSTOPPERS.

Stacey currently performs with All Directions Band as their featured vocalist as well as continuing her appearances with bands Phatbandskinny and Detroit RSVP Allstars out of Detroit. As well Stacey will also be doing special performances with Lotus Band in San Diego Ca.

There is so much more to look for from our SOUL SONGSTRESS, STACEY MURRAY. She has not yet scratched the surface of what she is able to do  and will do. So get ready to see this face and hear the name everywhere because this SOUL SONGSTRESS IS COMING AT YA!!!!!!!

@staceysoulsongstress instagram